When Did You Last Look Up At The Stars?

There was a time when people relied on the position of the stars to guide them on their journeys. Others used the stars to predict the future. For almost everyone, there was a sense of wonder and respect for these tiny points of light that were always out of reach.

Fast forward to today and the number of people who take notice of the stars is very small. Aside from scientists and keen amateur astronomers, it seems the majority of us have forgotten about these wondrous jewels in the sky.

As a child I studied everything I could about space, astronomy and the universe. Watching programmes like Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, captured my imagination and filled my dreams with adventures in far off planets. Nowadays it seems that most children aren’t as ‘amazed’ by things as I used to be. The sense of wonder about the world and everything around it seems to be confined to the odd documentary or a backdrop in a game.

Next time you have a clear night, wrap up warm, grab a chair and find somewhere dark to look up and reconnect with the skies above us. Knowing our place within the vast universe is humbling. It brings a sense of perspective into our lives. If you have children, bring them with you and show them what’s up there.

If we could somehow reconnect with nature, I believe we could learn to reconnect with our humanity. There’s a whole universe of wonder out there… and it all starts with looking up.

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