Opportunity Radar, Is Yours Switched on?

You don’t need to be Del Boy from Only Fools And Horses to recognise a ‘good thing’ when it comes along. You just need to be in the right frame of mind.

Most people wander through life content with their lot. They are happy to accept life as it is. They leave school, work 9 to 5 then retire. While there is nothing wrong with that, I belong do a different set of people – the ones who are always on the look out for the next new opportunity. For us, the day is not over until we have squeezed every last drop out of it.

I get up early, do some exercise, eat a healthy breakfast… then plan out my day. I make sure that I include any things from the previous day that I didn’t manage to complete. This isn’t as stressful as it seems, it just good use of time management. Over the years I have learned to keep my eyes and ears open for any opportunities that may help improve the lifestyle of me and those around me. This could be a new sales lead or a great deal for something I’ve been needing to purchase.

For nearly 15 years I was stuck in a dead end job – although I didn’t think of it that way at the time. I had gotten so used to working with my team that I forgot to ‘check my situation’ to see if I was getting the best value from my time. It came to head for me when I was passed over for promotion for the 4th year in a row! When asked, my Manager told me that the owners felt that I was content in my job and hadn’t really shown any signs of wanting to grow. I made my mind up that night to appraise my own situation and set myself some goals. Within 2 months I had moved – same job, double the pay and better future prospects.

You don’t need to feel stuck in a situation, there is always a way out. If you sit with you head in your hands feeling depressed about everything, you are never going to grasp the opportunities that are out there.

  • Change your routine, shake your day up
  • Start talking to people you usually just nod to
  • Get involved! Whatever is going on, volunteer your opinion
  • Get online and start searching for a new career
  • Before you go to sleep, break down your day in your head
  • Start every day with a plan – write a to-do list
  • If you are overweight, get it sorted – it will boost your appearance & confidence
  • Start reading personal development books

Fish where the fish are…

I love that old saying. To notice and get noticed, you have to place yourself where the opportunities are. If you stay in your room staring at your TV, life is going to pass you by. Switch it off, get your best gear on… and get out there. If you are a man looking for love, start talking to women (or vice versa… or everything in-between). If your career is getting you down, start job hunting, find out what the new job requires, train up.., and go for it. The only thing holding you back from these great opportunities is your own mind. Once you start making changes, life will present you with opportunities – and the more you explore them, the more they will come towards you.

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