I wasn’t put on this planet just to pay bills

You might be think that I live the perfect life, with lots of money, a fancy car and all the trappings that come with success. You might think that because I started this website – a website that teaches you strategies to become a better YOU. But you’d be partly wrong… and partly right. Sure, I have a good life and a wonderful family, but I’m far from perfect. And the thing is, I’m not sure if I would want to be. Being Human means I am a lot of things but being prefect is not one of them. I have hopes and dreams like everyone else – and every now and then those hopes get burst and my dreams begin to fade.

I started this website to reach out to the millions of other ‘humans’ who get up every day and wonder how the hell they are going to survive until bedtime comes around again. Life is not easy… and neither should be, it can’t be. Where would the fun be if it was all plain sailing? If life didn’t throw us challenges, what would be the point in being alive? How would we ever learn from our mistakes if we never made them in the first place?

Growing up I found many ways to content myself, from cycling and painting to playing with my friends and joining clubs. As I got older I decided I wanted to be a rock star – and before long I had created a band. We toured the local scene (friend’s houses, garages and one awful gig in a neighbourhood hall) and we printed all our own posters. We advertised our upcoming shows by applying the posters onto windows and walls with big buckets of wallpaper paste. It didn’t matter that only eight or nine people turned up – it was our show and we had created it. We didn’t care that we sounded awful or that the drums were missing parts – or that I only had 2 strings on my bass. We had passion and we were frickin’ awesome!

I miss that unbridled passion – that feeling of being invincible. The feeling that you were the best of the best and everyone loved you for it. You had a purpose, a voice, a place in the world, You ranked up there with the stars and you thought it would never end.

Of course, in the end, it ended. We had a superstar bust up, worthy of The Commitments. Things were said… and we each went our separate ways to pursue our own solo careers. There’s still a child in me who wonders where it all could have gone if we hadn’t let our egos get in the way (an 11 year old child).

SO what’s the point of this post?

When I woke up this morning, I forgot who I was supposed to be. I looked into my bowl of cornflakes and seriously considered going back to bed and switching off my phone. Then the 11 year old me popped into my head to remind me to pick up some wallpaper paste and a bucket. I laughed, but then I remembered that I am STILL THAT ROCKSTAR – a little older and fatter perhaps – but I still have a passion inside that needs to be set on fire again. And just like you, my life has become a mission to find that passion and make it shine as bright as it did when we gigged in front of the neighbours.

We are all in this sinking boat called LIFE together. Don’t lose faith in your ability to be whoever or whatever you want to be – with a pinch of realism of course – but don’t settle for anything less than a perfect version of yourself. Switch off the back to back box sets and fling that bag of fries in the bin. You are NOT too old, NOT too caught up in life, NOT too busy! GO OUT THERE and find your passion… and let the world see who you really are!

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