De-clutter Your Life Before It’s Too Late

Before I continue, I must confess that I was a certified ‘hoarder’. You know those programs on TV that follow someone as they go about de-cluttering their home? Well, that was me. I could have easily filled twenty houses with the amount of stuff I had purchased over the years. But it had to stop!

Not long ago my partner gave me a decision to make. Either be with her or be with my ‘junk’. At first I was angry, but after I thought about it, she was right. Why should she live her life surrounded by piles of useless stuff? It wasn’t easy but after 2 months of effort, I finally ditched lots of my excess clutter. There were lots of emotional moments – as I am a very sentimental guy lol – but I could see the benefits of getting rid of the things that had no true value to us.

Around the same time I decided to give my social life a ‘spring clean’ too. First up was Facebook. Why did I have so many friends? Did I really even know most of them? How much time had I wasted posting random nonsense onto my page? My friend count went from 658 to 37 – wow! I was left with the people who I felt mattered in my life – the ones I would love to keep up to date with.

My next step was to look at the people who I came into direct contact with every day. Most were workmates, family and neighbours. But there were some who made my life feel complicated. I began by deleting their numbers from my phone and giving them back things I had borrowed from them over the years. It took time, but eventually they got the point.

Obsviously I have simplified the steps taken, but its fair to say that my life is now a lot simpler. Im surrounded by the ones I care for (and who actually care for me), my love life is back on track – we have room in our house to breath. With the clutter gone, I can focus on what really matters in my life. My goals seem clearer and much closer than they were before.

It’s not easy to de-clutter your life. You have to begin with an idea of how your life should be – then get rid of the things that would’nt be in that perfect life. Dropping ‘dead weight’ and head wasters (you know who I mean) can be emotional – but once it’s done, you can move onto a new phase of life – one that you have chosen to live.

So… grab a bin bag and start chucking out the rubbish!

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